Kurukshetra: A place for all Religious Tourists

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Kurukshetra is one of the famous tourist places in Haryana rather it would be great if I say in India.

Kurukshetra is one of the famous tourist places in Haryana rather it would be great if I say in India. We have many places here to visit and the list goes on as we explore. This is a land of Mahabharata where Lord Krishna gave speech of Gita to Arjun. We are proud to say we have such places on earth where God stays forever and Kurukshetra is one of them. Well to continue my list of place to visit in Haryana, I start with Kurukshetra.

When you enter Kurukshetra you start with several places by visiting in Queue.

1. First comes the Staying part Hotel Parakeet Pipli. Though there are several hotels in the city but best one found on the entrance and usually tourist like this due to its facilities.

2. Now you start moving to holy land which welcomes you with a statue of Lord Krishna pulling the Rath of Arjuna on the main entrance gate. Moving in further you will find various facilities like hotels, restaurants, Hospitals, developing malls, Beautiful Gardens, New Bus Stand, Baba Ramdev’s Yog Shivir, District courts and many more in a row.

3. Now coming to main Attraction you will find near Old Bus Stand Kurukshetra the main market of Sector 17 which has branded and all kind of fascilities developed.

4. Moving on the same road you will find Gurudwara which is a must watch to every visitor.

5. When you move out from Gurudwara and move on you will have main land of spirituality and move to Sannihit Sarovar where there is a temple of Lord Shiva.

6. From there you can move to different temples there and various dharmashala’s which provide free accommodation on day basis.

7. Moving on you will have Shri Krishna Muesuim which is one of its kind and reflect all Mahabharata happening. This is a must watch which also has science museum and garden surrounding.

8. Next you move on to well known Brahma Sarovar which is a place from where lord Brahma supposed to create the world and is devoted to lord shiva.

9. Moving on you has Kurukshetra University which is one of its kind and has a huge campus.

10. From there if you mover to north you will mess up with Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb and then Mahadev temple which is worth to watch.

11. Now moving on back to track you will have botanical garden just made as new attraction in front of Bhadrakali Temple which is also famous for its own history.

12. As you have tracked all the main points here now turns come to nearby areas which has more places like jyotisar, Pehowa, Kirmich,Narkatari, Dayalpur, mirzapur, Thaneswar.

One must visit for peace of mind and to enhance their knowledge about various Mahabharata Facts.
For more information please visit: Kurukshetra Tourist Guide

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